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Red Platinum Pekingese

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What is a codename? A codename, codeword or cryptonym is a name used to refer clandestinely to another name or word. Codename, codeword and cryptonym are usually interchangeable. Codenames are used to identify projects while maintaining secrecy against rival concerns. In more simple terms, a codename is a name that you agree upon and you use to hide what you are talking about. In industry, codenames are often used to designate products that are in their developement phase to protect them from competitors. In the military, codenames are frequently used to designate missions and operations.

Famous military codenames:
  • Operation Barbarossa (During World War II, Nazi Germany plan to go east and invade the Soviet Union)
  • Operation Desert Storm (During the Persian Gulf War, US air and land operations)
  • Operation Overlord (During World War II, Allied invasion of Normandy)
  • Manhattan Project (During World War II, US nuclear weapons program)
Famous Microsoft codenames:
  • Chicago (Windows 95)
  • Daytona (Windows NT 3.5)
  • Longhorn (Windows Vista)
  • Memphis (Windows 98)
  • Whistler (Windows XP)
Famous Apple codenames:
  • Jaguar (MacOS X 10.2)
  • Leopard (MacOS X 10.5)
  • Panther (MacOS X 10.3)
  • Snow Leopard (MacOS X 10.6)
  • Tiger (MacOS X 10.4)

Create your own codename, codeword, cryptonym or project name to protect your secret projects using the codename generator